usb file transfer to Bauhn HDC-08 Android tablet

This information is for people who want to transfer files between their Windows computer and their Bauhn HDC-08 Android tablet (e.g. purchased at Aldi) and/or develop Android apps using this tablet.

1. In settings, you toggle ON Developer Options by dragging the blue switch (top right of screen) to ON (even though you might think that blue switch relates to WAN, it relates to Developer Options), and THEN you can toggle on the USB Debugging feature.  If you do not first enable Developer Options, you can tap on the USB feature all day long and it will never activate -- the checkbox stays unchecked.

2. Boot Windows 7 or Windows 8, then connect the tablet via its usb cable to the computer. If the table is powered off (per some advice out there on the web), you will get an error message saying that the mt65xx preloader cannot be found.  POWER THE TABLET ON before connecting it and suddenly Windows is much smarter and decides to download the appropriate driver from Windows Update. This will take a few minutes but will succeed.  Forget about trying to get the driver from the official list ( ) because Bauhn is not listed and neither is HDC.   Forget about trying to get through on the 1300 number to Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd that Aldi and Bauhn outsourced technical support to, because their system is overloaded - they will hang up on you if you wait in the queue, and if you leave your number for a call-back, you will wait for days for an answer.


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